LATEX (pronounced “LAY-tek” or “LAH-tek”) is a tool for drafting professional-looking documents. However, LaTeX's mode of operation is very different from many other document production applications you may have used, such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer: those “WYSIWYG” tools provide users with interactive pages where they type and edit text and apply it. various forms of style. The way LaTeX works is very different: instead, your document is a plain text file interspersed with LaTeX commands used to express the desired result (typesetting). To produce a visible typesetting document, your LaTeX file is processed by software called a TeX engine that uses commands embedded in your text file to guide and control the typesetting process, turning the LaTeX commands and document text into a professional typeset PDF file. This means you only need to focus on the content of your document and the computer, through LaTeX commands and the TeX engine, will take care of the visual display (formatting).